By milling we can, in principle, create any shape from a piece of metal. All our machines (but one) are controlled by a CNC computer that allows us to perform highly complex operations with maximum precision. We can work pieces with a maximum dimension of 1020 x 630 x 600 mm.


Thanks to our CNC driven turning bench, we can produce pieces very fast and accurate.

Wire Erosion

For cutting shapes such as inserts and other products (where high precision is required), we use our ONA AF 35.

Normal or hardened steel and even hardmetals are no problem. Because our machine is equipped with six axles and a state-of-the-art CNC control system we can create very complex shapes.


In addition, we are able to surface grind pieces with a dimension of 900 x 350 mm and to cylindrical grind pieces with a diameter of 50 mm.

Mould construction

By combining our other activities, we are even able to produce high quality molds for molds and injection molding. These molds can be used both to make pieces in plastic material, in hard steel or in a non-ferrous metal.



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